Friday, 10 April 2015

Street feast presents Hawker House

Street feast London opened Hawker House in Haggerston, East London between January and April this year, it closed last weekend on the 4th of April.

Fear not though, as Street feast London operate several other venues around London (most of which are opening soon) and information on them can be found here --->

After months of saying I would go, Nicola and I managed to visit on the final weekend it was open and damn was it good...

So what IS Hawker House?

Hawker house was a three level street food extravaganza in the heart of the east London Hipster scene, with two bars and plentiful exposed brickwork and lighting to please the beardiest of horn-rimmed hipsters.

Every week they would rotate the available vendors selling a variety of different types of street food ranging from the familiar burger to the out-there deep fried mussel popcorn.

When Nicola and I visited we sampled food from four different stalls and of course we took photos of every bite..

First stall: Rola Wala "Twisted Indian Streetfood" 

One of my favourites from the night, Rola Wala served up mini-naan sliders with a trio of toppings. 
The three varieties included;

BBQ Chicken Tikka - Juicy chicken thighs marinated for 48 hours in a coriander marinade, served with a sweet mango and ginger chutney.

Beetroot Channa Dal - Our signature beetroot, coconut, paneer dal served with a fresh mint, lime & pineapple chutney.

Goan Pulled Pork - 15hr slow cooked Goan-spiced pork, topped with a piquant pear & tamarind chutney, seasoned with Telecherry Pepper. 

They were £3.50 each or £9 for three. 

Whilst all three of the sliders tasted great, the best was most definitely the beetroot dal one - the flavours worked so well together and the crispness of the mini-naan made them a pleasure to eat. We wanted more but decided to move on to the next stall...... 

Second Stall: Sambal Shiok - Malaysian food

Here we decided to go for the unconventional mini brioche burger sliders as opposed to the rice box. 
Again we got the trio of sliders which included;

Beef Rendang

Chicken Satay, with peanut sauce

Lentil Satay, with peanut sauce

Whilst I'm a big lover of rending and satay, I found these mini burgers to be a little on the dry side. The lentil satay was the biggest let down, lacking much flavour whilst the rendang just didn't taste like a proper rendang to me... the chicken satay was the best of the three and as it always does, went perfectly with the peanut sauce. A shame about the other two though. 

Third stall: Duck'n Roll (by Club Gascon)

Duck'n Roll offered a variety of gourmet snacks and as soon as we set eyes on the menu we knew we had to order something. 
At first we settled for the Duck fat fries with crazy duck salt, but after that initial bite the temptation truly set in and I ordered a portion of the Mussel "popcorn" which was served with a delicious black aioli. I can't wait to find out where they pop-up again so I can indulge in the absolute deliciousness that deep fried Mussels and fries give me. 

Fourth stall: Scoopsy Daisy 

The only dessert stall open on the night we visited, naturally after filling out stomachs with savouries we HAD to have dessert. Scoopsy daisy was a cute frozen yoghurt stall which offered real fruit froyo with the option to blend two flavours in to one. We went for strawberry and kiwi. Odd combo, surprisingly pleasant.... but nothing beats green tea froyo with fresh fruit.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

It's been a year... and a lot has happened..


About a year ago I decided this whole blogging thing wasn't for me... or I became too lazy to write any new posts.. it's been so long I can't actually remember.

But, yeah.. uh.. a lot has changed since my last post.

1. I graduated from university with a 2:1 Bachelors of Science degree.
2. I visited Tokyo in the summer.
3. Germany won the world cup. (Woo!)
4. I visited Hamburg again.
5. I visited Vienna for the first time.
6. I visited Amsterdam for the first time.
7. I ate a lot of good food.
8. I cooked a lot of .... food.
9. I tried the FRENCHIE!
10. Nicola got a kitten.
11. Things got spiritual.
12. I discovered gianduia (gianduja)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Birthday dining - A little over a month old.

For my birthday last month I went out to eat three times with different friends and completely forgot to share my photos on here.

On my actual birthday I went to "The Blues Kitchen" in Camden with some very close friends and we had the most gorgeous pork ribs I've ever tried (also the biggest!).

I only had my iPhone with me so the image I took isn't the best quality.

The day after my girlfriend and I went to Trafalgar square for the annual Japan Matsuri and enjoyed feeling like we were back in Tokyo with all the Japanese live music, food stalls and entertainment.

After it had finished we made our way to Bincho in Soho, a Japanese yakitori restaurant.


We ordered several different skewers of various kinds of meat and fish and coupled those with some vegetable fried rice.
It was probably one of my favourite restaurants, the service is quick (you are only just getting skewers) the staff attentive and the food delicious.

On the third day, continuing the Japanese theme my girlfriend and I went to Sushi Hiroba in Holborn with some uni friends and got some great tasting fresh sushi.

I tried the famous Uni (Sea urchin) gunkanmaki and to my dismay did not enjoy it at all.